Fish Oil Has a Positive Effect On Cholesterol

If your are wondering how to treat your high cholesterol. You can avoid and consume food that help to either dr joseph ajaka reviews increase or lower your cholesterol level respectively. Here is a look at how fish oil can help improve your cholesterol.

Essentially, there are 2 types of cholesterol – the so call bad cholesterol is the one that gives us our arteries problem that lead to heart or stroke, the bad cholesterol is cleaned up by the so call good cholesterol. Study have shown that fish oil can increase the good cholesterol and even potentially lower the bad cholesterol.

Fish oil has also demonstrated it ability to lower the level of triglyceride in our blood sytem, which is a norm in people with high cholesterol. Another sign of developing heart disease is having elevated level of triglycerides.

Studies on the effectiveness of fish oil in fighting high cholesterol problems is still going on, it continues to show sign to hold the theory of its ability to help prevent heart diseases and protect our health. Scientists are focusing on how omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish oil, and how they relate to cholesterol levels to try to understand why heart disease risks are lower in people who make it a habit of eating fatty fish.

At the moment, scientists remain unable to explain exactly how fish oil works to improve heart health, though the medical community commonly accepts that fish oil can be beneficial. Fish oils is full of omega 3, and FAD had announced that omega 3 is good for heart health.And since fish oil does not have any known side effects, you can go ahead and take the supplements while you are waiting for science to figure out why.

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